As a jungler, I do not have any interest anymore in helping hard losing lanes. (Shutdown changes).

Hi, So here's the thing guys. As shutdowns not longer give extra-gold to those who assists and at the same time are now totaly reset upon death, I do not have any incentive in trying to help a hard losing lane as jungler. So play safe. I'm not going to make any tl;dr but to make it simple. As now, we had little incentive to assist hard losing lanes because the concensus among junglers was to focus on winning lane. Although, you could still make that choice under certain conditions. Right now, those shutdowns changes will change my mind about it. When a player is fed, you may simply die during the gank or be too low health to keep jungling, but it could be somehow worth because of the shutdown coming along. You could eventually keep ganking the guy to put the lane even because there was still extra gold coming in until the streak is completly gone. Right now, this is gone so better not die or greed because nobody is going to help you. Let the snowball fiesta begin ! Cheers,
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