is ranked truly fked

I went on a winning streak 11 0 and nobody stood a chance. I got promos and I lost 2 times. due to my mid laner dying 6 times and top being afk and my supp being really aggressive against the other supp. my jg has not even touched or come close to bot lane and has no objective secured. we had one baron stolen because my jg did not know how to smite. my supp went in against 5 people without any help due to the enemy being so strong the enemy supp could've actually 1v1 me easily. but the supp went in anyway. the next game I was autofilled as support. I went thresh the only champ I know. my adc right away don't know how to poke. he used all of his abilitys on the minions. we got ganked and jhin ran to the enemy adc and died. I probably saved jhin 3 times from 3 ganks. still no ganks from our jungler. top is feeding again. mid is also feeding and I just give up. yeah welcome to league of legends
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