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Hello everyone. I'm a Gold 3 jungle main. I used to play a lot of Graves but then he got murdered by Riot balance team and sience then I haven't found anything as funny to play (I'd like to have fun in ranked too). Then i remembered my old Rengar and played a game with my old build on him and exactly like in the past he was a beast. Nevertheless i can't seem to find any guides of people playing him like this, can someone good try and explain it to me pls? And maybe give me advice on improving him. Standard Runes with 9x CDR per lvl glyphs Build: Skirmisher Sabre(red) warrior enchantment - Ionian Boots - Titanic Hydra - Deadman's Plate - Maw of Malmortius - Banshe's Vail. U become pretty damn tanky and can almost oneshot the carry, considering u cant be oneshot urself u always manage to kill the carry in big fights and also 1v1. What's more u are tanky enough to resist enough time to pull out a double W to get even tankier. Still I've never seen anyone build him like this apart from me. Pls help me understand, thank you.
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