The Death Recap screen really needs an update and bugfixing

The Death Recap screen really needs an update and a lot of bugfixing. It could be a useful tool to help you see what you need to build against but the current iteration is unreliable and often shows wrong information. I've had games where allegedly: 1. Sivir dealt 2000 true damage to me with Riccochet bounces. 2. Jinx killed me with Brand Q Disintergrate that dealt physical damage. 3. A blue melee minion dealt 180 magic damage to me with "BadPassive" 4. I myself was listed as one of the champions that killed me. 5. People gaining an assist for dealing 0 damage with a basic attack to me. (no shield was blocking the damage eighter) Also oftentimes abilities are missing their icon or name. It would also be great if more than 3 Champions and more than 3 per champion sources were listed, since most champions have more than 4 sources of damage with passives, basic attacks, summoner spells and items, since oftentimes, if you add up all the percentages shown on the screen often it is less than 60-80% of the actual damage dealt. I'd like to know about the other 20-40% too because that is also damage and i'd like to know if it was magic or physical **BECAUSE IT MATTERS**. There is enough space on the screen. The most important information for me would be exacly how much of the damage was magic, how much was physical and how much true damage so I can tell if i need more armor, magic resistance or flat health. Just have a simple pie chart that shows "from all sources combined you took 50% magic damage, 44% physical damage and 6% true damage."
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