Why has Taliyah been abused so much balance-wise

For a month now, i've been watching the changes to Taliyah to re balance her jungle and just thought....Can't we just revert all the changes to Taliyah from 8.11 to now, and finally at 8.23 she has been run not only into the ground, but so far down that she can't Jungle OR Midlane now. The only reason she was changed was because it was roam meta, and Sol + Taliyah were the best champs for it. I don't understand why Riot nerfs champions who are strong BECAUSE of the meta instead of doing something external to affect the meta. One huge example is with Quinn, awful champion, but the one meta where she was able to shine, and instead of putting temporary measures in, and letting the meta blow over, they changed (nerfed) her.... The exact same happened to Taliyah. I know that Riot's balancing has been questioned by the entire league community for so long, but it's these small obvious little cycles that repeat that just get out of hand, and ruin a champion unnecessarily. I never thought that a champion like Taliyah could be pulled so far away from what she was originally, and destroyed because of it...just in 12 patches, Hell, it took longer to do that to Zoe and Kai'sa, and they are still relevant, and retain their design. Can we not just revert the past 12 patches for Taliyah so she can be a Midlaner again (She was quite good in the jungle back then too, nobody played her that way though), cause quite frankly this has to be worse balancing than every Overwatch rework in history. :P Of course reverting all that is extreme, so what other suggestions do we have to fix our rock lady?

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