Lvl 5 champs for ranked?

I know I'm not the only one. By far one of the most annoying things about ranked is players trying new champs in ranked?? I've only been playing 2 seasons I'm lvl 190 so I've still got my fair share of experience. I know myself trying a new champs is fun but why do people do it in ranked?? Getting a 500k mastery yas against a 1000 mastery zed? The tilt is real before the game begins.... Could we get some thoughts on making ranked play available to only lvl 5 champs? Hope we get some good comments. I really can't see many downsides to this. Most people main 3 or 4 champs, ok I understand that if you want to counter a champ, And the counter you have is not lvl 5 your probably not going to be good enough on that counter anyway? Possibly unlock the use of lvl 4 or 3 champs at a higher lvl 100+?
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