As an adc, how do you handle team-mates that have fallen behind ?

As an adc, even if I get fed I find it difficult to manage other lanes getting just as fed as me, due to the nature of the champs being played, champs that can easily one shot adcs or that are built around countering and diving adcs It's also unlikely to have a reliable frontline when 3 people in your team have fallen behind The only way I know how to deal with this situation is to be able to outplay a 2v3 and capitalise on mistakes they do, but what do I do when they're too strong to reliably outplay or if they refuse to make mistakes (eg : wasting cooldowns on non-priority targets)? It can be very frustrating to get a big lead in the botlane but to be unable to use that lead against 3 other enemies that have just as big of a lead and I'd want to avoid having my support feel that way so like, any tips are welcome Disclaimer : this is obviously not something that happens often, but I'd like to know what to do better in these situations
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