My nerf / buff list for the next patch

I would like to see some nerfs towards lethality. I think lethality is way too strong and building armor items like Tabis and Zhonyas doesnt do shitt against lethality. A talon can always one shot without landing a good combo even when i have zhonyas or Tabis. Same thing even with zhonyas. If lethality wont get nerfed then i would like to see nerfs to these champs {{champion:104}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:56}} these champs dont have much counterplay and are insane. {{champion:28}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:136}} these champs should be nerfed aswell Evelynn deals way too much damage and has little counterplay. sometimes she only uses E Q 1 auto and boom kill. Jhin runs way too fast with his passive and i think that should be nerfed a bit aswell. Udyr's Damage is just to insane even when he builds tank. his dualing is way to strong in the early game and his clear speed is nuts. Aurelion sol always has a super high win rate but now since the TP got nerfed i think he is just too insane . his wave clear is too insane in the early levels and i would like to see his wave clear perhaps get a nerf and he should get buffs in his damage with other abilitys. Now comes my buff list. {{champion:55}} she doesnt feel good anymore , her early game is pretty hard , she has bad wave clear and her early game damage isnt that great till she has gunblade and i think she gets outclassed by all other Assasins. {{champion:126}} His early game lane bullying in the top lane is still pretty strong. But in the mid/ late game he feels useless. His Q E doesnt deal that much damage anymore and his all in isnt that strong either compared to others . he doesnt have much mobility and now he his damage feels poorly either . i think the mid lane is a better lane to play for him then on the top lane. if u play him top then ur team doesnt have a tanky bruiser or just a tank. and he is super useless when he gets behind in the top lane. {{champion:427}} Ivern has been struggling since season 8 and he never got fixed. he has some small buffs before but they where never enough. and now he needs a pretty big one because the support item nerf was also a indirect nerf to Ivern. I would like to see some buffs for Iverns late game . Shield should be better and Daisy shouldnt be useless . people dont see Daisy as a thread. Daisy is too slow and has way to poor stats and deals 0 damage. {{champion:22}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:18}} Crit will get buffed this patch but the Crit changes will affect the Adcs who arent shitt aswell so these champs who are shitt should get a buff so they can compeat against the other ADCs who arent thrash. {{champion:154}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:32}} Tanks arent really that great anymore There are way too many Armor pen/Lethality Items . IE got true damage and i dont see the point of getting full Tanks when they cant tank that much anymore. Zac and sejuini both have a hard time in the jungle they both have poor clears and high cooldowns , low damage and they cant keep up with the meta junglers. I hope some of these champs do get nerfed and buffed next patch i understand that they cant nerf buff that many champs in the same patch but i do hope some of them will. Specialy Talon and shaco Zed. And my top buff list is Katarina , Ivern , Zac , jayce

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