Why Nexus Blitz was a great idea

We all have those days when games just aren't going well, whether it's someone inting or flaming in chat, or you just cant focus for 5 cents. In my experience, when Nexus Blitz was around, it helped me out a lot to relax and get back on track with SR. Not even ARAM was as good as NB. Why? Because nothing was that serious. Sure, when the enemy team got a few buffs in a row, it could be annoying, but regardless of the outcome, loss or win, the actual process was a lot of fun. I feel like that's what League lacks nowadays, which is a great pity considering the potential LoL has if it would be pushed towards the right direction (no suggestions in particular). TFT, despite being very different from the normal SR games, doesn't have nearly as much charm to help relax a tired mind. Sure, there's rarely any direct interaction between the players which in itself is already a blessing, but that alone doesn't cut it for me. Nexus Blitz has a sort of party game feeling that I didn't know I needed in League. It would be a lot of fun if NB became part of the permanent game modes.
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