Fiora-weakpoints but predictable ?

i enjoy the idea of fioras weakpoints .. however as of now it just feels frustrating to fight that .. because you might randomly get lots of bad weakpoints which are hard to defend.. i would like it to be more predictable .. so both players can prepare fairly .. so i thought maybe to make fioras weakpoit just appear behind you (your champions back or maybe relative to fiora) at all times but it slowly rotates clockwise/anticlockwise around you like maybe 1 revolution every 5 seconds .. on top of that making it a bit narrower .. not 90° but maybe more like 75° (i know this would technicly be a nerf .. but considering that the good old "stay near a wall to counter her" would be taken out, i feel like that would be fair ..) what are your thoughts about that? (i know that fioras weakpoints have a pattern .. but that pattern even then still is rng .. you can predict the direction it spawns in .. but not which one of the two spots will be chosen ..)
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