New Galio is way too strong. Why Riot is turning everything into tanks? Whoever at Riot thought this can go live and it's fair to play against Galio should get fired. This is like 2 times stronger Poppy or Ekko top lane so it looks like you don't learn from your mistakes. Why is Riot turning every champion into tank right now? Galio was a semi-tanky poke mage that could initiate teamfights and now it doesn't make any sense to build anything else than tanky items on him because he has % damage. Old Poppy was more of a warrior/assassin champion but Riot decided to turn her into full tank hulk. Old Warwick wasn't a tank too but Riot decided to turn him into tank (% Q damage) so you pretty much always build Cinderhulk on him now what previously wasn't the case at all. As you can see there's a clear trend at Riot to turn most of the champions in this game into tanks probably because Riot champion designers play tanks themselves and want this role to be super present and OP. That's just sad.
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