Lp Gain And Loss

So, after thinking this over. I've decided to try bring it to the attention of others. Lp as we all know is gain or lost from ranked games, and although I have no experience in anything above bronze 2(for 2 years of ranked playing) I am beginning to believe in elo hell. At the moment I main support as I believe a good support wins the game in lower elo. Its far to common in bronze for someone to just pick support as a role to get a game quick and then flame because mid doesn't want to swap with you. And trust me, If I don't play support, I've noticed in about 1 in 3 games, someones flaming for that reason. Now the main part of this thread is LP Gain and loss. And I'm just going to state facts. I am currently on a 7 win streak. Gaining on average 15-20 lp per win. So in theory I should be at promos every 6 wins with no losses... But not everyone is a winner, and the last 3 games I've lost, Have been upwards of 20+ Lp per game, with the highest being -27 Lp. Now I like to think I as well as some of the other players I play with should be upwards of silver. And stats prove this, I'm a level 6 thresh and leona, and my kda for thresh is 2/8/18.5 and leona 3.3/8.1/19.3 So with all that I've said, I feel like Riot should change how lp is given and taken, you receive lp on how well you did in that game, or lose lp depending on how bad you did that game. This is not me complaining that I'm in bronze, but a check on how hard it is to get out, with you losing at time double the lp you win.
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