-3 LP Bronze, 28% winrate, need some advice on how to get out of this BS.

http://www.lolking.net/summoner/eune/67967552/Rockified I usually play top lane {{champion:5}} (Mastery 7) and gank my mid laner every 5 mins and steal the enemy buff. If the enemy killed me for the 2nd time, I'd just play safe and freeze until the jungler ganks. I won't be salty and say that I do sometimes suck at strategy and carrying. I'm not saying that it's my team's fault, but this is what happens almost every ranked games. - Support and ADC flaming each other. - Jungler trying to kill my laner while I'm at the fountain and dies. - First-time trying new champion. (Totally not a {{champion:157}} ) - Teamfight going on while someone nearby is farming. - Tank refuses to engage and be at the front line. - Team focusing on a tank. - Multiple allies chasing a low-health while our turrets are being destroyed. How can I lead my team into actually winning? I'm just trying to improve. I main a broken and easy champion, but my team's strategies are just sad.
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