To those who are still crying about URF (and Riot)

Reading the comments of the Draven Day page, everyone was crying about no URF. I thought perhaps the /r/leagueoflegends subreddit may be different. I was wrong. I don't understand why so many people appear to be disappointed and heartbroken about no URF this April fools when [they clearly mentioned]( **URF will not return on the first of April** and **Ultra Rapid Fire will appear at least twice in 2016**. Sure, the whole Draven theme may seem way over the top and unbearable to many people but that's the joke of it. Everyone has seem to forgotten that 1st of April is about playing pranks, jokes, fooling in each other; and not about just giving everyone an obvious game mode that they are expecting. Completely takes away the "Surprise!" part of this day. I believe the whole Draven event itself would have been hilarious and much more appreciated if it weren't for people already salty because of no URF. Lets face it, Riot got us good. Was it unexpected? Yes. Was it a surprise? Yes. Did the community appreciate it? No. Is it as fun as URF? Unfortunately not. To Riot: It would've helped if Draven mode did not take over normals but rather a featured game mode where everything is Draven, even more so that it already is. All neutral monsters have Draven faces, all turrets have Draven faces, all wards have Draven faces, everyone's load screen shows Draven, etc. just really shove down Draven down people's throats. It would make it much more obnoxious (and probably more funny) but still a featured mode and therefore, people have the choice to not play it.
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