teemo main is wondering.

so im a teemo main since the day he came out. love him :) he's charisma he's joy and of course he's dark side, all things i really like and there is no problem (maybe except for he's too few voicelines ) so we had a small rework in where the shrooms deal alot less dmg but are now throwable. that is everything riot ever have done to him. like rammus and the now reworked nunu i think teemo is a good subject to look at . lets be fair here . when in history of league was teemo viable ? sure a good teemo can do something but he will never be viable- -talking champs like (rumble kennen and other ap viable top laners. lets just not talk about the OP one's in the top lane. ) its also very anoying in the way that 1 trinket can ruin your gameplay'' since the shrooms are your main dmg output and your core part in your kit .(pink with trinket is never ever shroom in lane. ) so that say'd im not looking to make teemo more anoying or more OP . no. i lik ehe's shroom mechanic andi would like it to be not so hardcounterd by a free item that u can get at the start of the game . like the game is saying Ha here for you! now $@%@ up that teemo. anyways. what i want is or atleast would like for riot to do is. a small rework maybe some new graphs etc but thats the least i worry about (make him atleast viable) i would literally murder for a season with teemo's in lcs and in my games . hmm ok maybe not ~ is there any information on teemo or is any riot employee willing to discuss this here on the forum or maybe even consider it talking it over with other riot employee's ? make teemo for the first time VIABLE !! ty for your time and ofcourse leave a comment and tell us what u think . touchy touch.
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