Im about to give up on ranked and this game

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Lately every single game i have played,has had a toxic player ruin it,to the point where a carry is not even possible. I had a player intentionally feed,end the game 2/13,admit in chat that he is inting,i reported him via a support ticket,the supporter "solved" the issue,the player has never been banned,playing to this day,its crazy. Maybe its just me being matched with alot of toxic players lately,but in my 3 years of playing league i have never seen this amount of trolling and toxcitiy in my game,also,every game feels like a coinflip,its not better player wins,its less toxic player wins. We need to get a new report system Riot,you can ask any player and they will tell you that in general,the **current report system** is absolutely **useless** and **trash**! If i flame someone running into 5 people and intentionally feeding kills,sure i should be punished for flaming but i expect that player to also be punished for his griefing,which now,is not the case. This comes from someone that mainly plays SoloQ ranked
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