How can I step up my play vs THRESH in lane?

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Holly sht this champion horrifies me ! xd Hello guys, Im having trouble laning vs a decent/good Thresh player in my games, as a support. Besides general advice - punish him after he misses his abilities, I would like to hear what can I do/ pick to lower his preassure in bot lane? So the situation goes like this almost every single time, Im carefully of lvl 2, ignite and dont go too close to flay range, but somewhere arround 4-5 level someone gets hooked and the snowball starts, at this point ( after someone of us died ) the lane is over, Thresh buys mooby boots and zones both of us from farm till we are so behind that they can free dive us under tower. I want to win lane vs him and have a champion that I can confidently pick into him but Im unsure what can do that job since my champ pool is mostly enchanters like Lulu, Janna, Nami etc. My elo currenty is arround plat 1- dia 4, and if someone can share some wisdom with me It would be nice. :) Thanks

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