Something must be done about Solo Q

Hello, been playing for a bit over a year now, started doing ranked a couple of months ago. Since the new season start I've been wanting to climb to at least Gold, not to mention Plat. I've been going up and down between Silver 2 and 3 for a while now and my worst week so far is at 5 losses in a row as a Support role. I may not be the next Faker, but hell, I ain't bad at what I'm doing. My recent losses have been because of people picking 0 point champions, people with no rank being assigned to my team (sometimes several!!) and the list can go on. Just like many who've ever played ranked know how frustrating it can be, not only the toxicity (honestly Mute exists for a reason) but the incompetence of the players. The reason I am writing this post is because I've had about enough of it and probably will stop playing solo Q, switch to normal that I have been enjoying waaaaay more. Riot, as a player, as a game developer myself, I beg you. Implement more requirements for players joining ranked. This isn't the first nor the last post that will be made regarding this issue, as I've seen at least a dozen of them by now. Some of the new requirements would be: 1. **Make Ranked available from lv 40** (I believe right now, or at least when I started playing, it was lv 30). This will give more time to practice for those who want to join ranked. What about people with new accounts? Well, they'll just have to grind and if they have a new account because they were banned, then there was probably a good reason for that and they should learn how to be a decent human being while they're at it. 2. **Make a champion xp barrier.** What I mean by that is, make players unable to play champions that they do not have at least 5000 points or so on. I've had way too many trolls pick a champ they have absolutely no idea how to play, end up feeding/losing lane and ruin the game completely. But how will they have 20+ champions for ranked with 5k points on each??? Well, I for instance play Lux maybe once or twice a month. I still have approximately 8k points on her. If they play different champions frequently, that won't be an issue. 3. **Stop putting unranked people with Silver/Gold players.** I think this is self explanatory but I will clarify. Iron exists for a reason, it's a starting point for everyone. Sure, an unranked player might be a D1 player from another server or something, we can't know, but that's exactly the issue! We can't risk it and hope that they'll have the power of God and anime on their side. Besides, if they are a new player, the chance of them being flamed and reported is sky high, creating a bad atmosphere and breeding more toxicity in the community. 4. Use more of the data that the game collects to decide whether the person deserves to stay in their current tier. Now, this might be seen as unreasonable because we've all had those games where we get absolutely destroyed by the enemy and just stare at the score turning from 0/5/3 to 0/6/3. It happens, especially as a support champion who usually ain't tanky at all or sacrifices themselves for the ADC or someone on the team to survive instead. It doesn't seem fair for those who are performing well but are on the losing team to be losing precious LP over a loss. If a player has a good or at least neutral KDA, they should be able to keep the LP they have, or at least not be demoted. I hope nothing seemed too unreasonable and that I don't come off as too harsh, but something must be said and most importantly, done. These were my thoughts on that, gl hf
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