Revert Yorick please, what were you thinking?

I've been laning vs a yorick, the lane was won pretty early on (0-3 yorick within 10 minutes). The guy litterly rushes ZZ'rot first item (no sheen, nothing). The enemy jungler takes herald at 11 minutes and together they took 3 towers and almost inhib in 1 single push (Still no damage items on the Yorick at this point by the way). Undefendable even with my jungler there. (Semi fed rengar) 3 minutes before the game ended (~15 minutes) yorick bought gauntlet, his first "damage" item. At the post game results the tank yorick did more damage than i did, whilst me having conqueror and building primarily damage. How is this healthy gameplay design by any means? Was the thought process behind this along the lines of "Well, we gave nasus +12, might as well break yorick too?" I don't usually complain on the forums, but this is just stupid and extremely frustrating. He pressed ZZ'rot, ultimate on CD and there is nothing that could be done. You can't expect the jungler to sit toplane everytime the yorick has a ZZ'rot and ultimate available. Please hotfix this, or at the very least look at this seriously. Might as well revert completely to tank/push meta with Banner of Command at this point. Cheers.
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