Is Kindred dead to you?

Please vote on the poll. Kindred is my heart and soul, the champion I always play in ranked and my main for 2/3 of my time playing this game. A couple of months ago a Youtuber and Kindred main legend named Redkind stopped not only uploading but playing Kindred after the pain became unbearable, and that was the reworked Kindred. To most it doesn't seem like much, the difference between a crit scaling build to an on-hit build. But when its the only champion you play, and for most Kindred main's this is the case, the feeling of shredding though tanks in the front line is completely different to almost supporting your adc from the back with your ult. You feel like much more of a team player, which although might be the aim, destroys the spirit of being almost a phantom dancing around both sides of the jungle as if you own it. Again many don't notice the change, but the ones who do, such as myself ever since the change, Kindred isn't the same and you find yourself almost playing the champion out of nostalgia and not for the champion itself. That nostalgia is running out and no other champion is like Kindred, I don't think League will be as fun anymore soon. I asked for this before and 6 people voted on my poll, 4 to revert the rework and 2 to keep the new one. I would love it if you could ask people what they want and if more people want to change Kindred back then do it, because I love that champion and don't want to accept their death.
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