Galio = insta lose? Patch 9.14

Can someone of the riot balancing team explain me the Galio changes? I dont get it. You wrote that his flash taunt combo made him powerful in pro play, but led to a low winrate in solo queue.You are nerfing a 44% winrate champion with 1% playrate in solo queue. I'm not interested in pro play but in patch 9.12 and 9.13 he had a presence of 5% and his winrate this season is currently at 50.8%. So you took the only reason someone would pick Galio, the flash taunt and gave him more mana, like wtf? The passive changes are nice but I think you cant proc it twice in the combo like before. 10 more dmg for a 4-2 second cooldown increase is also not a buff. The W can also now be interrupted by any cc. Galio has now 2 of the worst spells in the whole game right now. His W and ult.
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