Allow to choose champion select priority!

I am a player who mostly plays ranked SoloQ, while I was a bit skeptical when they introduced pre-picking lanes (Because it can enforce a "meta" by limiting the option of lane/role combinations). It worked out for the best, there will always be a meta (i.e whatever the "pro's" do). What I am suggesting is in a way an extension of that. The problem I see with SoloQ atleast in low ranked is the lack of cooperation in champion selection. A "Pro-team" or really any good competetive team in ranked uses the champion selection actively. In that they will ban certain champions and respond to certain selections by counter-picking or complementing their own team. In SoloQ (again especially in low rank) this is alot of the times not the case, people seem to either be eager to one trick their designated champion or do 360 noscopes with Yas. I fall more in line with the adaptive picker, I am a player who rather want to compliment my team rather than going whatever I think I can do the most DPS with. I also am a player who likes to counterpick, if I see an oppertunity to do so. Though this becomes problematic when I get the first pick and the 360 noscop Yas gets last pick. While the "pre-select" to some extent help, its not reliable, bans forces players to choose otherwise and a player could also just choose otherwise if they see fit to do so. What I am suggesting is a way to allow players who want to be more adaptive and responsive in champion select to get last pick, and players who want to no-trick/360 noscope Yas get first pick. Because these players are probably more interested in getting their pick, the higher priority they have the more benefit it is to them. Whereas an adaptive/responsive picker will benefit from picking towards the latter-half of the champ select order. This would remove the reliance of communicating "tactical picks" in chat which of course is unrelaible, because either language barrier or just a reluctance to sacrifice a players own preference for a teams preference. I am also aware that you can swap champions but this requires both players to own both of those champions, which again is not reliable. I imagine it would work very similar to choosing your lane. You simply select whether you would prefer to pick first/last or wheter you could't care less. Alternatively if there is a specific spot on your team you'd prefer like 4th or 2nd, you could select that. Either way the matchmaking would weigh your preference towards the other teammates and find a "balance". If all the stars align correctly then the team gets their wish. If not one or more players get filled to whatevers available. Alternatively you could have a first/mid/last option. Where last would ensure to fit you in either the last or second last champ select spot, middle would try and make you get either middle or second first/second last select. And first would place you in either first or second first pick. I couldt find any similar suggestion, so I am curious as to what you guys think! If this idea does happen it would be nice with 20$ and a teemo-skin as a reward ( I never play Teemo though).
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