Normal Dynamic Queue Matchmaking Imbalance?

Today I played a normal game with a friend that ended very poorly for a number of reasons (bard top vs ekko being the first reason) but after the game I find that the match was completely imbalanced from the get go. I am currently silver 2 with 0 LP and a low mmr for my division and the friend I was playing with is silver 3. the rest of our team consisted of a bronze 2 player, a level 29 and a level 25. By the looks of it the level 25 could have been a smurf but his gameplay suggested otherwise. The opposing team consisted of 2 silver 5's, a silver 3, a silver 2 and a platinum 5. Now I know matchmaking is based off of mmr and there could also be premades of different ranks that can cause this type of discrepancy, however, in no universe should a level 25, level 29 and a bronze 2 be matched with 2 duo premades of all silver and a platinum 5! This makes no sense to me. There is no way our teams' mmr could have matched theirs right? Even if we had smurfs and if the platinum had very low mmr we surely should not be matched against each other right? For clarification I know I do not know all the ins and outs of how normal matchmaking or mmr works but this just did not add up in my head. This also isn't the first time this has happened, this is just the worst I have seen of it yet. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this or if I'm just an idiot, either way I would like to know.

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