Riot, I think the Patch notes is broken. I dont see Guinsoo´s rageblade anywhere.

Jokes aside... Riot, can you start listenining to your community?! We have been asking (begging at this point) you to NERF this item since Preseason hit the live servers. Its a core reason why Kog´maw and others were and still are broken. ________________ Its like the goddamn Kassadin problem. "Kassadin is OP, so we are nerfing all of his abilities except for Riftwalk. We know the real issue with kassadin is riftwalk, We know Riftwalk is an unhealthy ability and the core reason why he is broken, but we are going to ignore the problem and nerf his other none-problematic abilities." Now with Guinsoo´s "We know X champions are OP, but they are only broken because of Guinsoo´s. Instead of fixing the problem we are nerfing the champions instead. We know Guinsoo´s is an unhealthy item... but look guys, new skins!" _______________________________________ [*****Awaits the worst that the Boards can give me*****]
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