Runes - Gold Income Runes - Need a Buff or Off the game.

So I was searching for more runes and I came across the Gold Income Runes. Two types, Seals and Quintessences. I thought those were really nice, for support especially, so I tried to do the math and I was utterly disappointed, I mean, 9 seals equals 0.225 gold per second, which is 13.5 per minute and 67.5 per 5 minutes. Nice worth one Healing Potion, could be worse, but if it were there would be no point on them. If a game lasted 30 minutes then these runes would have generated 405 Gold, well... I guess it helps? So I wondered what about the quints, and in a 30 minute game they would have generated 1620 Gold, which is A LOT, at least in LCS standards. Right? No... They rarely use them, and thats to be humble cause I never saw these being used. Think like this: It's money for wards, healing pots and elixirs, and possibly that item that you couldn't finish due to the missing 200 gold, and you need to get back to lane. So is it worth it? Used with support item it should be good, but no! It isn't, because you'll be most likely dead! Runes offer a lot to the early game, and you just gave up a lot of defense or aggro for gold income it won't even show in the first 5 minutes. You're engaged and the enemy adc will see you as a dead fish... And then you'll die unable to receive gold from your support item. I realised, these are worthless! Unless you're a Malphite support and the enemy team is full AD! Because in every other lane, you just lost all trading potential. So yeah guys this was it, I wanted to ramble about something and I found one out, tell me your opinion about it! Why remove runes? Meh, clutter... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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