Why many players switch to overwatch

LoL gona die soon. Nothing gets better, you overall wait even in low elo games 5 mins+. Ok if you go support maybe not. After I wasted like 10 mins (top/mid) to get into champ select, next shit. You get idiots who pick shit champs ok. No offense let them play what they want. Game starts afk jungle (farming only) great, maybe win 4 vs 5. Oh shit bot is always feeding not like a little like under 10 mins 10+ deaths & fb tower. Great hmmm just don't tilt. Game is 30 to 15 and 1 tower 2 drags behind hmmm so let's try to surrender. As usal no surrender but the only thing you just get is toxic players talking. So hmmmm I waited now 10 mins+ 30 to 40 mins lets say overall 1 hour to lose a game to have shit ruin my day. That's just absurd.
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