Some tips for lower elos trying to climb higher!

Hi, I thought to make this post since it is a new season and everyone are getting ready to climb in ranked. I have played League for a few years, and learned stuff here and there. When I think about it, these are really simple (you don't need to be mechanically skilled to do these) things to do that I never was aware of or thought of when I was in bronze, silver and gold. Some of them might seem so obvious. But I'm sure they are quite useful to being aware of every single game. I'm petty sure experienced players already know all of these. But maybe newer players can have use of this. ^^ Warding: - If you are able (especially for midlane and support) ward deeper into the enemy jungle in their buff camps. In low elo, it makes it easy for you to sneaky steal sometimes. - If you are midlaner, always stay at the side your lane is warded so you can react to ganks. - Always keep the dragon warded if you can. - As the game progress, actively looking to place wards deep into enemy jungle instead of just at the river borderline. (It reduces chances of getting caught and improves your chance to catch off the enemy. - Don't forget to upgrade the red trinket! (Especially supports) - If you are support, DO BUY SIGHTSTONE! (And if you are about to B and still have charges left, use them!) - If you anticipate a teamfight breaking out. Ward the surrounding areas asap! The Map: - Always look at the mini map and react to it. Do follow and go help. Because it matters a lot. Don't just always stay and farm. - Top laners with teleport. Try to always save your TP to gank botlane or secure objectives. It pays out a lot in low elos. (Tell your support to place a deep ward) Other stuff: - Always keep an eye on everyone's items. Which enemy is fed, how many AP/AD do they have? What is your team building? What are the enemy team building? (Building efficiently in low elo can matter quite a bit) - 'B' safely. Go stand somewhere safe when you B. I swear, I always go far back to a safe spot, then B. It really pays out. - Farming well is important. Sometimes you don't need kills if you are well farmed, it is a less flashy but much safer way to get gold. :) Fights: - If you are heading into a teamfight. Look at where your teammates are, where they stand and if they have ultis up. (The green dots) This will minimize situations as 'wtf you guys r just watching me die' 'why no follow'. Only go in when you are sure they can follow. And don't forget to ping! - Don't waste your long cooldown spells. (Especially support) Know what your spell's main purpose. For example (Soraka, don't your your E to harass, you e to silence a dangerous enemy) - If you recently used your escaping spells and it is on cool down, consider playing safer until it is up. - Watch the minions before you fight (in lane phase). Because having minion advantage or disadvantage can mean a kill or getting killed. (You can lure the enemy to fight in your minion wave!) - Be aware of your MANA. Don't spam spells and run OOM. (These 2 things I didn't learn until much later, and they are quite so important. It is not fun when you are in an emergency and the life saving spell is on cd or you are completely OOM) - Use bush to your advantage. It helps a lot. - NEVER chase the enemy far into unwarded areas. (Unless you know they wont get any back up 100%) This is NOT good. - Stick together at late game. Don't split, (unless your team has a spit pushing strategy). - If you are a ranged support. (In a teamfight situation, NOT in lane) Try stay at the very back and behind/close to your adc. This way, you can avoid getting CC or killed and effectively assisting your team. It is often better if the ADC get's CC and you save them so they can do damage instead of you getting killed and your ADC running for their life. - Keep your major important spells for the FED guy who is the biggest threat to your team. (You see so many people wasting ult on say, support, kills it and then your whole team gets killed because you have nothing left for their fed carry) - Avoid doing an overkill. Don't throw out your ulti instantly in a fight. Sometimes holding onto it might be better. Especially if the target is a guarantee kill, don't waste your ult on them. Mentality: - Do your best to not flame. Hard to play with tilted teammates. - Most important of all, whenever you lose, dies... try analyze and find your own mistakes only. That is how you learn to improve. - Ofc you play to win since it is ranked, but do it with the mentality of play to improve. It would hopefully make it less frustrating when having a bad team. Ok that's all I can think of for now. But I swear, even tho they seem so obvious or easy peasy. These helps tons! And I didn't know most of them until so much later. xd When I play with someone in bronze, silver sometimes gold, they don't seem to have knowledge of these things...which are so good to do. Anyhow, I hope you guys found it helpful and make use of to win your games. ^^ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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