Varus' New Splash

So I'd just like to voice a couple of complaints about Varus' new splash: I understand that Varus has recently had a lore rework and a bit of attention thanks to _"As We Fall."_ I think what the Riot team did with that video and the comics was breathtaking... but the splash change was a little unnecessary, and even more problematic is the fact that the quality of the art has declined since the previous one. While the colours and detail are beautiful, there are _fundamental_ problems with it that the art director should have corrected! * The face is too universal and expressionless. Varus has been given a personality overhaul and this hasn't been represented in expression at all. * The silhouette is weak. * The composition is poor, the focal points are in all the wrong places (why is the reflective detail on his leg given so much visual priority?) * His necklace is just flying around his neck? Why? He's stepping out of a well, why would that be happening? * Due to the slant of the entire image, he looks _unbalanced, like he's about to fall over._ This is, by far, the biggest problem. I doubt you guys care enough about artistic criticism to acknowledge these problems, yet I'll voice them regardless--I think it's shocking that a company with so much money and so much hype around a beautiful storytelling environment could deliver such an underwhelming illustration.
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