Not another crypost about balance

Ha, I got you. I just want to ask why Darius 2/5/2, with pretty low lvl and farm, can kill me on 3 hits (the 3rd was ultimate) and next time - using his ult got double on me and, also not that bad, Lux (midlaner)? We are squishy, it's true, but we got our skills right, Lux even had ultimate that she used and we still didn't kill him - he was alone. I was trying to run away from him (kite a bit) but he flashed. It's not like this things don't happen but I feel so exhausted of situations where I'm doing good and do everything in my power to win and then there is that guy who picked champ like Darius and don't need to play good in first 20 minutes to still do a lot and win the game. I enjoy playing on botlane but usually dudes from top just crush us. Isn't it a bit unfair that they are so tanky and hard to kill while still have really great damage? While we, the squishy adcs, only have the damage that is not really bigger than theirs? I thought I'm doing good, I had no problem with fed champions in enemy team (like Fizz) but then came 2/5 Darius and just rekted me. What am I doing wrong? Really, I don't want to feel like a sh again and the knowledge what to do in this situation will make me more confident in game. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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