Thanks Riot for Buffing Kindred

So, as a guy who completely fell in love with Kindred few months ago and switched from maining Nocturne to maining them, I started playing them like crazy, but always seemed to struggle a bit if I did just one little mistake early (like an execute for example), because her early game was awful. As I started calling myself a Kindred main I stared 'investigating' into them more and more and read old patch notes back when she was nerfed so many times, and realised in what a 'shitty' state she is right now. I was hoping that she would get some buffs or something, like just a little one and when I heard about her passive buff, I was quite sceptical of how that would help her, but after it went live, I realised its a big buff that really meant a lot. Today, I reached my 'dream' of level 7 on Kindred after struggling few months for getting that last token, when the game ended I saw that last token pop up and jumped and starded smiling and saying 'Omg omg omg' like crazy, and all of that because of such a little buff that helped them so much. I would like to say A big thanks to Riot for buffing Kindred after such a long time, it made them so much more interesting and fun again. Big thanks to Riot for the buff on Kindred, thanks for making my dream possible. ~The darkness is scary and full of bad creatures, ward your bushes.~ -Binary
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