How can Gold Players CLimb? +13/-20 LP. Making New account is better!!

Like I can understand gold players are mostly new players and they are not so good at the game honestly they are bad at the game not understanding objectives and lane match ups along with other problem but the real reason why gold players can't climb is this screwed up MMR system. Like winning one game and losing one game is supposed to make players start at zero 0. But winning 13 LP for real and losing 20 LP for losing one game just like how can a player play after that. It's so amusing. Like how is this a good system. The system is literally making players lose more LP so they can fall further behind. Guys, If I'm losing two games and winning one out of three sure I'm bad and need to go down but like how losing 20 LP while winning 13 is justifiable. How can some even care about playing after this kind loss. It's amusing that no one cares about it. I think it's just better to either quit or make a new account for screwed up MMR. Since nothing can be done about it.
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