Reworking morellonomicons might have been a mistake

I first really loved the Morellonomicons rework. And I still do, however I only realise now it could be possible be one of the worsed changes ever made for league and here's why: Mages originally where very good against bruisers. Since their core existed out of Morellonomicon they could easy handle those bruisers and it has worked very well ever since. But now I'm thinking: {{item:3156}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3091}} that's a lot of offensive mr bruisers can build. Sure other classes have similar things like mages have {{item:3157}} & {{item:3102}} vs assasins however bruisers have another angle they can use and that's building tank items like {{item:3065}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3194}} and they still have the option to go {{item:3111}}. Overal bruisers have so many defensive options against mages that despite they suppose to be countered by them. They just get outscaled so hard by them even early in the game. Mages don't have the items to outbuild them. Let's take a standard mage build for example {{item:3285}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3165}}. They just bought magic penetration but by that time that bruiser already has a mr item. Mages can no longer get ahead and build {{item:3135}} because the grievious wounds are so crucial to the game. What you see now on some mages is that they go more bursty items like {{item:3152}} just to kill them before their healing kicks in. It's a little bit crazy in my opinion. Not all mages counter fighters tho, it's just a flat ballance concept I want to point out. Mages are part of the ballance in the toplane. .Mages > Fighters > Tanks > Slayers > .. . But with the morello changes this ballance was damaged and Fighters dominated the scene. Tanks where already shit so Slayers can't be checked as well. So that's why you start to see a combination of Fighters & Slayers running arround the rift.

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