Pantheon rework concept

EDIT: i changed the kit a bit, mainly removing the stun form the Q and making the W always stun, this ensuring more consistency and clarity. Also his E is now his R given it just "feels" like a ult. The current ult was sadly removed but after some thinking i came to the conclusion that it simply isn't a good ability for modern LoL. He got a new diving tool tho, to make him get around the battlefield more without relying on his W (which stops after the first champ now). Hi, guys, I'm an aspiring game designer and ex-pantheon main, I just want to share my fan rework both to ask what you think and maybe get riot to rework him. So here it goes, I'm not gonna use precise numbers because I don't know much about balancing and every ability will have a little bit of explanation on why I think it fits pantheon fantasy. Passive: Ghost army Whenever pantheon hits an enemy champion with an ability a ghost warrior spawn near every nearby champion and puts this ability on cooldown. The ghost warriors have the same health as pantheon but take more damage and go away if pantheon goes out of combat. Ghost warrior will auto the nearest champion to them and will mimic pantheon Q and W like {{champion:238}} shadows. So pantheon is supposed to incarnate the classic Spartan archetype, and I think that one of the key element to it his the "outnumbered" thing of fighting against the odds and getting out triumphant. This ability not only gives a cool spin to pantheon ("hey I have my own army of ghost warriors") while rewarding aggressive 1v5 all in Q: Heartseeker strike Pantheon trusts his spear in front of him dealing damage and slowing every unit hit. If more than one champ is hit the damage and slow potency are increased This ability is pantheon bread and butter: it is his main harras and damage tool, again playing on the "outnumbered" theme by having its power amplified when hitting more enemy champion W: Rankbreaker dash Pantheon dashes forward with his shield up, while he dashes he breaks every projectile he encounters. The dash stops at the first champion hit stunning him. After that pantheon will receive reduced damage from the direction of the dash This ability is a pretty good restyling of his current W: the damage reduction is akin to his W resetting the passive, it has a stun (also situational even if simpler to proc than the Q stun) and the projectile breaking mechanics just screams "gg outplayed" for me E: Heroic charge Pantheon dashes to one of his ghost warrior, increasing the ghost's AD and resistances. If pantheon reincarnate onto this ghost he maintains the bonuses This is neat ability to make pantheon move around more easily, especially in team fights (since you wil have more ghosts to dash to). The bonuses are there both because simple dash is kinda boring and to reward aggresive plays: if you use the dash to enter the fight you will shortly reincarnate thus "earning" the bonuses you gave to the ghost warrior R: Ascended reincarnation This ability has a very short cooldown but can be used only while at 30% or less health. The current pantheon sacrifice himself dealing damage around him based on how low he is. Then pantheon will reincarnate in the nearest ghost warrior. This ability doesn't spawn ghost warriors This ability is the best for me: pantheon was the first targonian and as such the first to have this theme of being an incarnation (kinda like an avatar) of a bigger entity. Something that bugs me is how even if all targonian champs have this element of being an avatar of their aspects none of them express it in their kits. This ability execute on pantheon being the aspect who can incarnate over and over as his human vessels sacrifice themselves for the greater good. It is also pantheon main defensive ability, but having it gated behind having a ghost means that this ability still has an offensive element to it and ties with pantheon "aggressive no matter the odds" playstyle let me know what you think, but try to be gentle as this is my first time doing this kind of stuff
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