I cannot believe Riot did this with Annie

I never believed it was possible for them to make {{champion:1}} even worse in terms of lack of skill and design. But they did. Now she does not even need to be present or do any fighting herself with her "Mini-{{champion:14}} bear" which persists after she dies and gets the same boost in speed and damage that {{champion:14}} gets in his ultimate. As if her annoying point and click stun (that Riot felt the need to remove from many different champions, most recently {{champion:44}} but not from Annie, herself) was not bad enough, now we have to contend with this annoying bear that essentially gives Annie power for absolutely no player skill what-so-ever. I would have thought that Riot, considering their recent trend of getting rid of "point and click" cheese, they would have redesigned Annie completely but alas, they won't. Because she's a popular pick generally, because of her easy kit and lack of a need for mechanical skill. From what I've learnt from Riot, is if the champion is popular, Riot will very rarely be brave enough to touch it - enter the infamous {{champion:64}} rework which got defeated by community bitching.
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