Wukong Main in Season 4/5, Now he is Unsatisfying

I'm not sure if its item/rune changes or the fact that he was nerfed a few times relatively recently _(depsite only having one prior change since his release)_ but he just feels really pleb, I was never one to go full lethality assassin builds because it never really seems to work, I always liked to survive through a teamfight rather than trading 1 or 2 for 1. With season 5 having such a unique jungle I took a break from him to play Udyr among others then season 6 and onward I've just been playing less because the game isn't as fun _(I find I can rarely play solo anymore)_. Of course it didn't help that Riot removed my Galio pocket pick from the game. Anyway getting off track, when I have been playing Wukong recently, even when ahead he feels super squishy, even when I lean towards a tankier bruiser build. Other champs in the same game seem to have a good 300 or more health just as base _(other bruisers specifically)_ despite having similar if not less less health in their build. So I am thinking Wukong has an assassin stat line instead of a bruiser's and I'm not entirely sure why or if this has always been the case etc.

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