How many Champions are enough?

Saison 2019 -Teaser | League of Legends
Erhalte eine kurze Vorschau auf die League-Saison 2019.
So when i watched Riots new video of the 2019 season Teaser they talked about a new support Champion. I doubt they talk about Sylas since he really doesnt play like a support. So its a new one, cool. This makes me wonder. How many Champions does Riot want to release? What are they aiming for? Lately its becoming really obvious that theyre getting desperate in creating new unique champion kits so they started to invent stuff that kinda "breaks" the games basics. Truestealth that dodges Towers, Windwalls, Moving through and inside walls, disarming enemies, stealing summoners aswell as ultimates and the appearance of other champions - we pretty much have it all by now. Do we really need new champions at this point? How many is enough for the game to be diverse and interesting? Every new champ makes balancing the game harder so at some point it has to stop or it becomes an absolute mess right?

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