This rework concept brings Quinn onto the bot lane. Basic and ability stats should change accordingly. **Passive: Harrier** Quinn's basic attacks are different from other champions. She cannot criticaly strike normally as other champions. Instead, every third AA becomes a barrage of arrows _(Harrier)_ that is a guaranteed critical. The damage of _Harrier_ scales primarly by Crit Chance and by Attack Damage. Critical attacks give a burst of Movement Speed. Also every basic attack has a slightly different animation, with the last being the animation of the current _Harrier._ **Q: Blind Assault** Quinn fires a signaling arrow in a line that damages the first enemy target it hits. The target is marked and Valor will attack that target 0.35 seconds later dealing physical damage in a small area, causing, also, nearsight for 2 seconds. Nearsight will be granted instantly instead of the current more slowly live one. Damage scales with Attack Damage. **W: Demacian Ambush** Quinn becomes camouflaged and gains increased Movement Speed for a short duration. The duration persists more while inside in bushes. While camouflaged, she gains increased AA range. This ability can be synergized with her other abilities: W --> Q: Q gains increased range and after breaking stealth Attack Speed for a short duration. W --> E: E gains increased range and the next AA will apply instantly Harrier. W --> R: R gains increased range and will deal bonus physical damage (damage scales with Crit Chance and Attack Damage) All of the above actions break stealth instantly. **E: Vault** Quinn throws a grappling hook in a line. If it connects with a champion, Quinn can dash towards that champion, ministunning the champion, slightly damaging, slowing and finally vaulting off to your cursor location (works similar to Camille's E but only to champions. Quinn can't stay ontop of a champion. She vaults off immediately when she reaches the target). If this ability is used in melee range, Quinn quickly vaults backwards to a safe distance, but the cd is increased by 50%. This ability has a fairly big cooldown but goes down faster each time Quinn crits. **R: Reconnaissance/Tag Team** **Reconnaissance:** By double clicking this ability, the player takes place of Valor for 10/15/20 seconds, that can fly with increased MS. Valor can fly over terrain, revealing a small/moderate/big area around him according to the level of this ability. He can see through bushes but cannot detect invisible or camouflaged targets. He is, also, untargetable for the duration. Valor also reveals invisible traps. He cannot detect wards though. This ability has a different cooldown from the basic ultimate. The cooldown is 120/90/60 seconds. Upor reactivating this ability, Valor's returns to Quinn's previous location where it was first casted. Quinn's previous location is showed on the battlefield as a blue eagle feather. Enemies can see it too **Tag Team:** Quinn fires special arrows in a line that pass through minions and champions, marking all the targets that are hit. After 0.35 seconds Valor will sweep fast damaging all marked targets and also causing Grievous Wounds. Valor's damage is according to your Crit Chance, Attack Speed and also to the enemy's missing hp. Has a short cooldown. These arrows are skillshots, with the animation of Harrier. They have a fairly big range, but they are narrow and a bit difficult to land. Valor deals bonus damage to minions. Quinn locks herself for a short moment when using this ability. Probably the range on this ability is 1000. **Gameplay and style:** Quinn's gameplay holds true to her lore. Being a ranger, that can scout the enemy lines, create ambushes from afar or engage the battle herself. Her primary role becomes that of the adc. Q is a narrow skillshot that when connects with the first target, Valor will attack and cause nearsight. This gives the edge to Quinn to position herself accordingly by either Vaulting to the target and repositioning herself or by using W, camouflaging herself. W is one of the most important tools in her kit as it synergizes with evertyhing, giving her the edge especially on a ranged ambush. E is a really useful ability that can help Quinn either reposition herself to hit her Q or R, cut off vantage points or escape routes, catch up to targets or to simply get away. R is her ability to finish off targets that are getting away, her primary waveclear tool or a way to start the battle from a range safely distance. Alsom the second part of her R is what will make Quinn unique in this game. Valor will be able to scout areas even if there are enemies around and will give her team the advantage in an upcoming fight.
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