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Hi, First of all I am sorry if I chose the bad board. Secondly this my opinion and I won't be mad if you don't agree with me (probably because I know it that you won't). So Riot Games decided to bring Voice chat to League (comming in a year). The most important thing is that you will be able to turn off the Voice chat. That means you can mute people easily probably like nowdays in the chat. So instead of running other programs in the background like Skype, TS you just press a button and say what ever you want in the future. There are more positives but lets talk about the negatives. 1. It will be annoying to turn it off/on at the begining of all matches. 2. Here, in Europe there are too many people that cant speak English well. (like me... LOL but I am trying) 3. Raging in voice chat is much easier I mean saying things is always easier. So that means more report. 4. Even if the system can relisten your toxic mate's voice, punishing them will take more time than today. (and lets be honest Riot wont perma ban 100 K people you know why) 5. Banning them from Voice chat also not a solution because the voice chat wont make sense. Why would have voice chat if only high elo could use it because the half of the low elo players would be banned for toxic for one time. This is not means that high elo players cant be toxic, I mean that everyone can have a bad day and you get banned because of that day its kindy bad. 6. Lets say you start a match and you don't understand your teammate's languega or you just dont want to hear them. So you turn off the Voice chat. The four mates will communicate in Voice chat. They won't write anything in the normal chat. In additon they won't ping ss/mia or anything. Becasue they will speak about "funny" things and jokes in the first ten minutes.And also I played with my friends once and I typed ss and I also pinged. My friend was like: Why are you pinging? We are on Skype. And that's what will happen in my opinion. So basically I don't want to cry already or something like that. I think we just have to understand Riot plan. Plan1: Because in a year or two those who plays alone will have bad times, I mean Riot killed Solo queue, we usually get IP boost but only for 5 premades. Plan2: The other think is that there is no balance. I mean there is but its not that type of balance people usually think of. Its that Riot trying to make OP champs in each patches (Vladimir Swain Malzahar) and they also make a new "period". Remember the tank meta then the adc meta then the mage meta and now we have the assassin tanks. So basically you can't have a favourite champion and a favourite type of Champions either. You have to learn slowly all the champs' mechanic and use the right ones in each patch. I think this not awesome or good but thats how I see thinks. Maybe I am wrong. :/
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