Riot pls fix

I don't like the new client. I don't care how beautiful you guys think it is,IT IS LACKING THE nº1 ESSENTIAL THING: EFFICIENCY. At first i thought that this client would be a great improvement on the game since the old one was actually awful in visuals and overall access. BUT RIOT WASN'T READY FOR THIS IMPROVEMENT You guys said you would work on it and that progressively the client would get better,GUESS WHAT?!It is exactly the same:Loot turns out had a huge exploit,the client still lags on some PCs,and the overall improvement on the old one is merely VISUAL. I hate this new client,i love what riot has added into the client(missions,skins tab,etc...) but that is worth 0 if the client doesn't work properly. This crashing on mission/loot is only the tip of the iceberg. I hope you guys fix the client before you add anything else, i am getting sick of having a buggy client. EITHER GIVE US BACK THE OLD ONE OR FIX THIS ONE ONCE AND FOR ALL
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