I am Bronze 4 after winning 8/10 placements.

I don't care if there is already 50 threads like this. I will write it again: THIS **SUCKS**! I was Silver 4 last season. If I lost all placements I would probably be Bronze 5. Winning 8/10 placed me in Bronze 4. How is this rewarding or motivational to try hard and play well at all??? In Bronze league you can as well flip a coin to decide who wins, because there is constantly somebody trolling, feeding or AFKing. Your chances to actually change outcome of the game is very small. Before you tell me that it's because of my MMR and enemies I play against: If this is the case the matchmaking system sucks. I can't decide who I play against. Once I was placed in Bronze I will always play against Bronze and I will never get out of the ELO hell. I was carrying hard most of the placement games, why didn't I get matched with harder opponents then?? This only feels like Riot is encouraging players to create smurf accounts just to earn more money from more champion/skin/runes purchases. I already uninstalled the game because of toxic community many times but went back because of the competitive nature of the game that I liked. Now when I see I can have 80% win rate on champions but still be Bronze 4 I have no reason to continue playing the game. Maybe except of trying crazy builds and strategies every game which will ultimately get me banned anyway.
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