Aatrox visuals and animations

Overall the rework looks interesting. I won't be talking about the kit here. I wanna talk about the visuals. Some of his visuals and animations are not correct in my opinion. * Visuals Aatrox having no wings just looks off, There is something missing on his back and it doesn't look right. His skins (including classic) don't seem finished. I think there are particles missing from his abilities and model. The ultimate transformation doesn't look as epic as I had hoped. Aatrox when in ultimate should look more like Swain's transformation. It looks and feels kind of empty. The skins also look empty, with missing particles. Adding more particles and effects would improve the quality of his ultimate and his skins enormously and giving him something on his back would just improve his model by a ton. * Animations He has no running animation when not in combat. He is just walking. Not sure if that's right, but it looks weird when he gets enough movespeed. The walking animation looks great, but not when he is supposed to run. I also think some of his combat animations don't transition well into eachother. * Sound Could just be me, but I think the sound design in Q is weird. It doesn't sound as epic as I want it to be. Some changes to his model (his back + effects) and maybe to the animations would be a big improvement in my opinion.
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