Annie might need some love

Currently Annie is sitting in the bottom 6 of all midlaners played in terms of playrate while having a 48.88% winrate what's slightly above average. What's intressting to see is that her cs numbers are matched with those of melee champions so she doesn't seem todo that well lategame what's strange for a burst mage. As a burst mage her damage also seem to be the lowest of all burst mages (this is odd for an old champion with a very underloaded kit). Since Annie is a champion that is very easy breakable this might be a good time to give to give her something more to her kit and this is what I came up with: #E: Molten Shield buff * **New:** While E is active Annie will burn down brushes that she comes in contact with. Brushes that are burned down will recover themself within 30 seconds after been burned down. When Ocean soul covers the land brushes will refresh in 15 seconds. This include for Ivern brushes that will recover when effected by ocean terrain. Having the ability to clear out brushes from the rift is a buff that cannot be underestimated in both competive as solo Q. For solo Q it can serve as a protection mechanic while your roaming so the enemy cannot bait you from brushes when you rotate back to your lane. In teamfight it's also great when enemies try to hide themself in unwarded brushes or when facing someone in a duel. While in competive this can serve as a counterpick against champs like {{champion:427}} {{champion:107}} and as a soft counter against {{item:3147}} users. I could see situations where Annie could be picked solid for this reason. Maybe even a return off Annie support. Thematicly this mechanic will work perfectly for who have seen Annie: Discuss
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