I got 2.000.199 mastery points on Shen just to ask one question

**« 2.000.199 MASTERY POINTS ON SHEN » 4th in EUW & 16th in the World 1st highest ELO in EUW & 2nd in the World ... and I have 576k points on 2 smurf accounts :-| therefore the real total would be 2.576.199** It feels so sad. In fact it is. I mean, I just play Shen. Normal? Shen. Ranked? Shen? Shen banned? Picked? Quit. Am I in promo? I still quit! I remember me losing 3 promotions to Diamond just because Shen was picked and I left. Anyway I play 99% of times support. 1% jungler. I started this journey to 2M points for one reason. I want RIOT to answer me to one question I am asking since S3. You can't be so cruel to ignore me now. Here is my question. Dear RIOT, Shen sucks and I mean it. In pro-play with teams full of premades he could be fine but for the 99.9% of player base, for people like me that play with random strangers, he sucks. **Did you know that?** --------------------------------------------- Edit. Okay more seriously the question is the following: Why are you punishing Shen so harshly for very small reasons while being so lovely and forgiving towards Camille, Yasuo, Zoe and stuff like that? For example this season Shen has been picked very few times in LCS. He was just decent with 50% win rate and you nerfed him because he was too powerful... really? Meanwhile Camille was perma picked/banned with 74% win rate at some point. No nerfs needed. Don't get me wrong. I'm not asking for nerfs of other champions. I just want to know what problem you have with Shen because it doesn't make any sense to me. Thanks!
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