The rank journey so far!

Before saying anything let me make some things clear. I'm not a pro, i'm just an obsessive casual player whose skill is around high gold low plat. Now, I've played this season from day 1 and i have around 40 games on solo/flex/3v3 Last 2 seasons i started early too but this season something is really different. I wanna blame the matchmaking but i'm thinking the problem is deeper than matchmaking. On solo i won and lost some games on the first 10 games and got placed to g5, nothing special here. But the real fun begins after this. Winning a game suddenly became just a far fetched dream that just sometimes comes true. I can tell so many reasons for losing(one of them being me tilting an playing bad) but i won't go in detail. then i started the flex games. I just had 3 wins out of 10 and probably only 1 of those 3 wins was a normal game, with normal players. most of the games are stomp or get stomped. I even had a game where our score was 4/24. The game is becoming more and more unenjoyable sadly :/ After this i start the 3v3 ranked and boom! suddenly everyone is more friendly, the games are nicer and more enjoyable, there's outplay potential but still hardly any chance to have a comeback, like the 5v5 ranked and my biggest surprise was the placement. I went from silver 2 proly to gold 2. I don't even know how or why this happened. Did my skill suddenly become better in 3v3? of course not, but 1 person in a game of 6 can do a lot more than in a game of 10, so i will assume that 3v3 is more skill oriented than team oriented, and this might be the real problem with 5v5 rank. Every one is trying to show their skills. everyone wants to win but no one plays to win. From junglers who don't care about objectives or refuse to gank, to sups who think having kills while their adc doesn't have any shows they played good. There's a difference between playing bad and pure ignorance!

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