Pretty UNbalanced preseason!

Well the tittle says everything. I've played arround 6-7 games since last night in a row and they are all defeats with more than 10 deaths on every team member. I know.. Feeder, noob etc. etc. What i see here tho is not me being a noob but when the enemy adc (i main adc aswell) gets one kill the game is over. You cant hit him you cant catch up to him and you cant do anything in the game because they can suddenly farm faster than me, push my turret and whatever composition we have is useless. I feel like the games are onesided and decided from the first 5 kills or so.. its impossible a lvl 5 sona dealing more than half my hp with Q + basic atk with passive, and im lvl 6 Lucian (ex.). Εvery single game goes like this. Even having more farm than the enemy is useless it seems, because if the enemy adc has 3 kills and you have say 20+ more cs, it dont matter.. They will have their first item and you wont.. simple as that. I am pretty annoyed over this new preseason changes.. Maybe im wrong but my friends also have the same problem so i decided to "cry" about it because im pissed. Thank you if you read all that <3.
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