[Question] Regarding Diana in the divers update:

So, as some of you may be aware, the Diver class of champions seem to be the next class of champions who Riot is supposably going to be reworking. Talk of the Vanguards being next happened, but most are fairly confident Divers are coming up. Anywho, a couple of Rioters have said Diana will be getting touched up in the Diver update, along with champs such as Xin, Aatrox and people like Vi or even Nocturn. A lot of the other Divers getting changes seem to be top/jungle champs, so will Diana being kicked out of mid to go play up top? A couple of other questions: * Will her current passive be changed dramatically? * Will you be changing her role from "assassin with no escape but mini Ori-R" to something else? If so, where are you headed? I trust Riot when it comes to champion updates. So far, you've kept the champions relative for their mains, but given them a niche so they can fit into any comp. As a proud **heratic** Diana main, I'd hate to see her become some ridiculous tank-fighter toplaner, we have enough of those. Just one of you please reassure me you aren't about to like Yorick her? Cheers loves!
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