Advices for Karma`s itemization on solo lane

1. Through playing diferent mage I still can`t figure out why Luden`s Echo is considered basicallly mandatory 1st item for mages. To be frankly -- I don`t like it. It doesn`t seem impactful to me. What are your advices on a 1st item for solo lane mages? Except for GLP Hextexh and Echoes? 2. What are your thoughts on Rod og Ages in a losing/even match as a 1st item? And about Archangel`s Staff on Karma as 1st item? 3. A number of mages has a passive that interacts with AA (Orianna, Ziggs, Lux, Karma), but I have never found a serious guide or build where such passives would have an attention, like building: Wit`s End, Nashor`s, Lichbane. How do you think -- are those "AA-interactive" items viable for Karma.
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