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Hey everyone, I'd like to talk a bit about Talon. Right now he feels underwhelming and I have some ideas for small changes to him. Whatsup with talon? 1) When Talon's E was changed, it was a big nerf to his potential. His power to silence mages was what made him so strong, but they only gave him a 0.25sec, 99% slow. 2) His W can be improved, but it will only be for players that can play him good. How can he be fixed? 1) When the nerf happened, grounded didn't exist yet. But since it does now, I think the grounded effect on his E would be a very welcomed addition. It will be a good middle road between 99% slow and a silence. With the grounded effect, enemies can't jump/flash/dash/whatever away and you can do your combo. 2) His W does damage to all enemies it goes through. Now, his E makes you blink to the **far side** of the enemy, so if you use your W, it goes out, damages the enemy and comes back in, damages him again. But if you use E before your blades return to you, they (visibly) go through the enemy again, but this time it doesn't do damage. Imo this should be fixed because it's really helpful for taking like red buff. It would help him get monsters and even dragon etc. early. TL;DR 1) Talon's E (cutthroat) should also have the grounded effect (for the same amount of time as the slow) just so you can more easily get your combo off without them jumping away. 2) Talon's W (rake) should hit enemies no matter how many times it goes through them. So it can even be 3 times using his E to blink to the far side of a champion/monster. Let me know what you think!
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