Does Ahri feel weak to you?

I don't know, just when I play ahri, and yes admittedly i'm far from being amazing at her, she really doesn't feel like she is that amazingly strong in terms of damage, don't get me wrong her mobility is good and she seems quite strong when you get your items however compared to someone like an Akali or Leblanc she seems vastly underbuffed. However before then I really seem to struggle with the transition between laning phase and the whole 5v5 scene, I just feel like I am kind of useless when it comes to most team fights which means I'm not really getting kills so I can't build my items. I believe this is because I'm not roaming enough and my farm is more like 65-70 at 10 mins and not great at the 20min mark either however it kind of seems hard to roam as either it is a complete stomp and my team are constantly pushed up or I have to push out my laner which doesn't come easy without using spells and that drains mana fast. Anyone know a thing or two about Ahri where they could coach me a bit? Also I run the electrocute rune page on her. Finally, is this why Ahri isn't really seen that often at all? What do you think, is she strong/weak am I just bad with her? (sorry for my poor English)

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