Would the game benefit from a day/night cycle?

Probably not. Buuut, it's interesting how games like DotA 2 have implemented it. Maybe it could add some strategic nuance to the game by increasing fog of war during the night phase. And wouldn't it be awesome for some champions to benefit from different times of the day? Take {{champion:89}} and {{champion:131}} for example. Perhaps they deal more damage or move faster in their respective day/night phases (although tbh Leona is fine as she is). Perhaps Diana could even be reworked with a night cycle in mind. Or how about making {{champion:19}} and {{champion:56}} simply change visually at night? It's obviously novel changes with no benefit to Riot (if anything it makes their job harder as they'd have to alter skins for said champions), but... meh. As far as I'm concerned, a day/night cycle isn't necessary for the game. But I do like to think what could make a game like League more interesting, even if it seems unrefined and unnecessary at first glance. What do you guys think?
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